Strand Membership


The non-profit Strand Theatre has been showing first run movies in Delaware for over 100 years and is an anchor for downtown business. Your membership dollars help us with overhead expenses such as electricity, water, heating, cleaning, and maintenance so that we can keep our prices affordable for you and your neighbors. Your Strand Theatre Membership enhances the economic, educational, and charitable impact on the Delaware community.


You can make a difference to help preserve the Theatre’s legacy!


A Family Membership of $100/year entitles your family to a year of movies at matinee prices for all showtimes and advance notice of special events. It also includes free popcorn on every visit, and special access to a private page on our website! A family of four seeing one movie per week can save over $300 per year! Membership runs from January 1 to December 31. Your membership card will be mailed out in December. Membership cannot be combined with other promotions.


Please note, the membership is not prorated. We will begin taking orders for the new membership in November!